Library Mobile Web Interface (MWI)

Keeping in view the importance of remote services, Gad & Birgit Rausing Library has successfully introduced the library mobile web interface. The library catalog is now searchable through mobile devices configured to support internet connectivity. Now the patrons can connect to the library portal through mobile devices and use the following facilities through MWI:

Library Resources

Information about library and login ID

Patron Account

Patron can login to the iPortal account using his smart card ID and library account password (Default password is set to DD-MM-YY). He/she can check the library fine details and list of checked out items with the check out date.


Patrons can search the library catalog through author, title, subject and even use the Anywhere option.


Patrons can also use the author, title, subject browse search option to get the results in dictionary order.

Just set your mobile device browser to