Facilities @ KIC

This is a multidisciplinary library serving the faculty, students, researchers, and staff of the university. The library has divided into two main portions 1st one is the main library, ground floor and the second one is Khalid Ishaque Wing which is facilitated state-of-the-art technology and systems. KIC wing has excellent facilities for its users like,

Help Desk for Law, Humanities & SS

Library users can consult the reference desk for help in finding information. Using a structured reference interview, the librarian works with the library user to clarify their information need and determine what information sources will fill it. A skillful and knowledgeable reference desk is frequently regarded an essential part of a KIC wing library.

Scholar Common

The Scholars Common is located on the first floor of the Library. Our new, collaborative approach provides faculty, researchers, and students access to experts in digital content creation and analysis; scholarly communication; geospatial, textual, and numeric data analysis; and innovative teaching and learning methods.

Learning Common

The Learning Commons in the KIC Wing is a tech-infused comfortable, and flexible learning space and a one-stop academic and information help center. The commons include space for group collaboration and individual study.

Online Access Catalogue (OPAC)

An online access catalog or OPAC computerized online catalog is organized for users in the KIC wing for searching the books and material in the KIC wing.

Digital Access Centre

This centre provides Students, researchers, and a faculty-wide range of electronic and online databases including full-text information. Abstracts, indexes, and international trade statistics, etc. through WiFi facility.


Wireless LAN access is also available in the library. Patrons can use their laptops/notebooks with built-in wireless adaptors to avail of this service.

Comfortable Seating

KIC Wing has around 250 comfortable seating capacities for its users.

Leisure Reading Lounge

The leisure reading lounge in the KIC Wing is a comfortable and flexible learning space for the LUMS community. The colorful furniture gives an attractive atmosphere for the students to sit and discuss ideas in a lighter mood to refresh their minds.