Tribute to Khalid Ishaque


Renowned lawyer and dear friend Khalid M. Ishaque passed away quietly on February 7, leaving a void difficult to fill.
In the field of law, Khalid Ishaque was a master of all he surveyed. He was a true expert in criminal law, constitutional law, commercial matters and, of course, the Shariah.

Khalid Ishaque's contribution to the legal profession is nothing short of legendary. Men and women from his chambers are leading jurists in their own right. Among his associates who were elevated to the superior judiciary were Justice Abdul Qadir Sheikh, Justice Amir Raza, Justice Nasir Aslam Zahid, Justice Majida Rizvi, the late Justice Nizam Ahmed, Justice Sabihuddin Ahmed, Justice Ghulam Nabi Soomro, Justice Mujeebullah Siddiqui, Justice Amir Hani Muslim and Justice Mushtaq Memon.

An equally impressive array of men and women who cite Khalid Ishaque as their mentor, teacher and colleague now lead the fight for an independent judiciary, command the corporate law world, and continue to make an indelible mark on the legal profession. Abdul Hafeez Lakho, Muneer Malik, Shehenshah Hussain, Ahsan Zaheer Rizvi, Khalid Ibrahim, Abdul G. Soomro, Abid Zuberi and Khalid Ishaque's own son, Sohaib, to name a few, are some of the other leading names associated with Khalid Ishaque's law chambers.

Khalid Ishaque's humility of character and simplicity of lifestyle are worthy of emulation. He was the highest tax-paying advocate of his time, yet was not interested in amassing monetary wealth. He spent most of his earnings on charitable causes and books and has left behind one of the most extensive law libraries in the country. Khalid Ishaque was much more than just a lawyer. He was a visionary with a compassionate heart.

With his passing away, the legal profession has lost an indefatigable mentor. Men of academia have lost a colleague of scholarship. Pakistan has lost a true son. I have lost a dear friend.

Letter to Dawn, Karachi, 13 Feb 2004