Off campus tools

Virtual Private networking (VPN)

Gad & Birgit Rausing Library has successfully implemented the VPN to facilitate off campus access to library e-resources. VPN allows you to make a secure, encrypted connection to the University network. When you have started the VPN client, a secure 'tunnel' is created between your computer and the University network. The LUMS VPN server will now serve as the primary authentication method for all current LUMS students, faculty, and external members for off-campus access to licensed library resources.


  1. Go to
  2. Select library from the drop down in the Service options.
  3. Enter your smart card ID or Library ID. Your Library ID is printed on your smart card or library membership card.
  4. Enter your password which might either be your Windows password, smart card ID or different from these two. You can change your password using the User Changeable Password Interface.
  5. Click the Login button
  6. If you are unable to connect, please report your problem to or

Terms and Conditions for Use of Licensed Library Resources

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